Getting Ready: The Introduction

I have a story to tell. It’s a story about how important it is to let out the creative part of you that is screaming to be set free. It’s about how much better you will feel when you do so. It’s about what you can give the world, and how much better a place the world will be, when you step up and take your place in it.

I’m not talking about fame or fortune—if they happen, that is great. I certainly won’t turn them away. But I’m not doing it for the fame or fortune. Everyone knows that writing a book is the last way to get rich quick! No, I’m doing it to feed my soul and the souls of those of you out there who need to hear what I have to say, who will be inspired by my story and use it to create a different ending to your story.

If I’m going to talk about resistance, or as Pressfield calls it, Resistance, didn’t he already say it all? What does my story do other than embellish what he said? How do I go about it? Do I tell all the gory details of how my mother didn’t love me and I sabotaged myself every step of the way? If this is really about reinventing myself, then I have to do that. I can do it while I’m writing about it, but I can’t write about something I haven’t actually done yet. That’s just having an intention and Resistance loves intentions, and sabotaging them.

Yes, Pressfield wrote the book on Resistance, and even talks about overcoming it, but he doesn’t have MY story or how I overcame it. No one has that story but me. And I can be funny and make it entertaining and amusing whilst teaching.

Of course, the idea of actually DOING something is absolutely what terrifies me, which is what makes this a great story! I haven’t done it yet and I’m going to stick my neck out and do it publicly. What if I fail? What if it’s hard? Poor me. Whimper, gasp. Yuck, I sound like a sickening, sniveling baby!

Let’s face it—I’m still waiting for the magic wand to wave itself and transform my life. I still think that if I do one more thing—take another workshop, read another book, sit through another meditation program, detox with another cleanse—that the transformation will just happen. Hm, kind of like those people who think Jesus has their back and all they have to do is have faith in Him. I never thought much of those folks, yet in effect, I’m actually doing exactly the same thing they are. I just think that going to a workshop is WORK and that I’m actually doing something, yet I’m not. I’m putting my blind faith into something that has as much chance of working as praying to God or Jesus or Krishna or anyone/anything else.

What ultimately makes the difference is putting the rubber to the road, one step at a time, even one baby step at a time, day after day after day. Counting the calories, logging the miles, lifting the weights, putting the words down on paper or computer screen or even a phone app. Otherwise, it’s just me (and, I imagine, you) fooling myself (or not) into thinking I’m “getting there.”

So what still baffles me about this book is that I don’t have a clue as to what form it will take. I think it’s a memoir. I don’t really want to do a workbook, but will if that’s what emerges as it takes shape. I think I should be able to write an outline, do a book proposal, have something in mind. But I don’t. So, it might just be in the writing. Putting words down on paper and letting the structure take shape.

And doing it publicly, letting you watch, and comment.

TOMORROW: The To Do List

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