What are you Tolerating?

I was recently a “friend” on Holly Burger’s 2016 Intentions call.

My topic was “Pay Yourself First,” and it went way beyond putting away ten percent of your paycheck to save for the future. It was more along the lines of the airline instruction to put your oxygen mask on before helping others. As women, we are too often likely to help others at the expense of our own well-being, and in the long run, that doesn’t work too well.

One way that we can pay ourselves first is to take inventory of what we are tolerating. …Continue Reading

My To Do List

to do mind mapI promised at the end of my “Getting Ready” post that the next post would be the To Do list. It has been quite some time since I wrote that, and things have happened in between, but now it’s time to post the TO DO list and reveal its history and my challenges with it.

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Shelf Help

Shelf HelpI’ve always wanted to write self-help books. I’m a coach, and I help people get past the stuck point, and I thought I could help more people by writing a book about how I do that.

But lately I’ve had resistance to writing that book. I’m starting to think that the self-help industry is like the weight-loss industry: it depends on people NOT conquering their problems. It depends on them failing and having to come back for more help.

That doesn’t feel like integrity to me.

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Getting Ready: The Introduction

I have a story to tell. It’s a story about how important it is to let out the creative part of you that is screaming to be set free. It’s about how much better you will feel when you do so. It’s about what you can give the world, and how much better a place the world will be, when you step up and take your place in it.

I’m not talking about fame or fortune—if they happen, that is great. I certainly won’t turn them away. But I’m not doing it for the fame or fortune. Everyone knows that writing a book is the last way to get rich quick! No, I’m doing it to …Continue Reading

Confessions Reimagined

I’ve been “working on” this book for several years now and although I’ve written a lot of words, I haven’t really gotten anywhere. Here are some of the reasons (rationalizations?) I think I got stuck: …Continue Reading

True Confessions

My “to do” list is growing; my procrastination is rampant.

Friday I got home from teaching a seminar and there was still lots of daylight. I thought “I could do something fun for the rest of the day.” I was at a loss as to what to do, although I had some ideas. …Continue Reading

Thinking vs. Knowing

Me with Joe at Fifth Element Ranch

I was at a workshop all weekend so am getting caught up on my email. I changed my email address a few months ago and unsubscribed from many of my subscriptions to newsletters and other “regular” missives I had been receiving. Yet, I still find myself clicking “delete” time after time after time–even on the ones I thought I wanted to stay subscribed to!

One thing I learned at this latest workshop–it was working with horses to get into my body more and out of my head (visit Fifth Element Ranch for more information)–is to rely more on myself, specifically my body, for information, confirmation, advice, etc. Now, this is NOT new information! Most of the workshops I’ve attended over the past thirty years have had this message in some form or another (or should have!).

However, as Americans, as humans, as products of our school systems, we are taught that thinking is good: …Continue Reading

Confessions of a Workshop Junkie

My commitment to write 10 minutes a day and add something to my blog isn’t going very well, as my last post was in January and now it’s almost the end of February!

In my defense, it has been a very busy month, filled with learning new seminars to teach, a week of skiing in the mountains, and several other business trips.

But to piggy-back on the theme of this season’s “Biggest Loser” (the most contentious ever, and my least favorite so far), NO EXCUSES.

So I have a new commitment. With the help of my coaches (everyone needs at least one),  I’m recommitting to regular blogging, with the end result that …Continue Reading

Are you Connecting or Avoiding Connection?

I’ve always considered myself an introvert, despite being a trainer and a public speaker. I love standing in front of a crowd and sharing knowledge, but I’d rather not talk to whoever is sitting next to me on a plane, and at parties I either hang out with the food or with people I already know. Nothing wrong with building the relationships I already have, right?

But now I’m starting to see that perhaps I’ve avoided connection in ways I didn’t realize, and how it might just be what has been holding me back. Consider, and play along with me—do any of these resonate with you? …Continue Reading

We are All Connected

Poster from the movie "I Am" at www.IAmTheDoc.com

Visit www.iamthedoc.com for more information about the movie

I took a sick day today and took time to watch Tom Shadyac’s movie I AM again. I highly recommend everyone watch it.

What I heard, over and over, is that we are all connected. There is scientific evidence that our hearts generate an energy field that can influence others. I have actually seen this demonstrated. …Continue Reading