My goal is to connect you with tools, services, and people to raise the level of intimacy, joy, happiness, and fulfillment in your life. Through our work together, you will gain clarity about what’s keeping you stuck and the tools to get you past it. I work with businesses, couples, families, and individuals to increase communication, teach assertiveness and honesty, and remove angst and conflict from the conversation.

Through many years of personal growth, spiritual seeking, therapy, and coaching, I began to realize how powerful the mind is, and how much it gets in my way. In the words of Fritz Perls, the father of Gestalt psychology, “The mind is a terrible master but an excellent servant.”
I can show you how to stop settling, how to speak your truth and ask for what you want, and how to have more joy and intimacy in your life.


For individuals, couples, families and businesses

My coaching combines practical training and experience in a wide range of modalities with my life experience as a wife (married three times, divorced twice), mother (of two adopted children), and a seeker of personal growth and spirituality to present you with a unique approach to coaching and to life.

Please take advantage of a free 30-minute session to see if we are a good fit for one another. Use the Contact Us page to set up your initial appointment. Some of the people I particularly enjoy working with are:

  • Blended families – Making a relationship work is hard enough, but doing it while adding kids to the mix makes it even more challenging.
  • Parents – What if you were the best parent you knew how to be? Well, you are. Your parenting skills are in large part based on your parents’ skills. Are you facing any of these obstacles?
  • The person you married has morphed into a crazy person. You are trying to keep your kids “normal” whether you are still married or not. Either way, you feel like you are parenting alone, as both scenarios have their own challenges.
  • You are still “getting over” whatever your parents did to you.
  • None of the self-help books or courses you have paid big bucks for have given you the answers you were seeking.
  • With individual coaching or in group classes, you can learn parenting and communication skills that work. Click here for details.
  • Scanners – people with too many ideas and projects who have a tendency to get distracted and not get much done. I offer Scanners peace of mind that there really ISN’T anything wrong with them–that we just arrive at “finished” at a different point than other people! We can cover this in four sessions. Please click here to see the outline for these sessions.
  • Self-publishers – I have written and self-published several books and taught self-publishing through Boulder’s Life-long Learning program. I can walk you through the process of creating your book and successfully publishing and marketing it.

Resentment Resolution

Before you call the divorce lawyer, therapist, or mediator, call The Relationship Maven.

Based on the principles of Radical Honesty, I facilitate conversations between current partners, ex-partners, adult children and their parents, or whomever you harbor resentments toward. These conversations eliminate resentments and open up communication, leading to more joy and intimacy in all your relationships.

If you are in the Denver metropolitan area, in one three-hour session we can clear enough resentments that the two of you can start talking about the real issues. (If you are outside the Denver metro area, additional charges for travel will apply.)

If you are outside of Colorado, ask me how we can arrange for a longer session so I can work with each partner individually as well as the two of you together. Call 303.410.8167 or email me for details.

Resentment Resolution Package

Your investment is $650 for one Resentment Resolution session (three to four hours, in your home) and one follow-up couples session (one to two hours, in my office). People routinely compare the gains from one RR session to the equivalent of years of therapy.


I would love to answer your relationship questions! Please use the Contact Us page to ask your question.


I offer live and telephone classes. Check the site often for new postings, or sign up for our mailing list so we can let you know when classes are available.


I incorporate practical advice, proven coaching techniques, energy work, and spirituality into all of my work with clients.

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Stephanie Roth has been trained in a variety of coaching modalities. She is a graduate of Coach U, a certified Radical Honesty facilitator, and certified in PSYCH-K. She has taken classes from Psychic Horizons, Insight Seminars, and the Institute for Spiritual Partnership. She has been a trainer for Fred Pryor/CareerTrack Seminars, is a member of the National Speakers Association, and the International Speakers Network. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Writing and Editing, and a Master’s in Criminal Justice.